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Strategic Plan

(2015–2018 Strategic Plan Under Review)

Looking to the future, the Society of Toxicology (SOT) Council has developed a new strategic plan that focuses on meeting the challenge of keeping toxicology in the forefront of scientific advancements that benefit public and environmental health. The real value of this process comes from the Membership providing input on the draft 2015–2018 Strategic Plan.

(2012–2015 Strategic Plan Approved January 2012)

After a year review process, in January 2012 the Society of Toxicology has articulated the following strategic direction for the next four years.

Strategic Map

SOT Vision/Mission

The Society of Toxicology is the leading organization dedicated to creating a safer and healthier world by advancing the science of toxicology.

Guiding Values

The Society of Toxicology is a professional, scientific society dedicated to:

  1. Integrity
  2. Diversity of representation of women, minorities, and young investigators, along with geographic, specialty and affiliation balance, in meetings, conferences, committees, and governance processes
  3. Contributing to society
  4. Life-long learning
  5. Intellectual scientific stimulation
  6. Serving the needs of the scientific discipline and of the Society members of the science of Toxicology to enhance human, animal and environmental health

Strategic Priorities:

  1. Increase Scientific Impact
  2. Promote Recognition of Toxicology
  3. Build for the Future of Toxicology
  4. Enhance Member Engagement
  5. Develop and Implement Metrics to Improve Organizational Success and Accountability
  6. Strengthen Organizational Effectiveness

Key Objectives per Priority:

Revised January 2012. As an evergreen progress, Council welcomes your comments. Please send your comments and suggestions to SOT Headquarters.

  1. Increase Scientific Impact
    • Become a Forum for Novel Discoveries and Approaches Related to Toxicology
    • Foster Integration of Basic Sciences that Support the Evolution of Toxicology
    • Increase the Impact of Toxicology on Human Health, Disease Prevention, and the Environment
    • Strengthen Partnerships with Scientific, Health-Based, and Environmental Organizations Worldwide
  2. Promote Recognition of Toxicology
    • Promote the Integrative Role of Toxicology to Other Scientific Disciplines
    • Increase Visibility of SOT As a Global Resource and Its Members As Scientific Leaders
    • Increase Reliance of Policy, Regulatory, and Corporate Decision-Makers on the Science of Toxicology
    • Communicate the Benefit of Toxicology to External Audiences
  3. Build for the Future of Toxicology
    • Attract, Train, and Retain Toxicologists
    • Increase Resources for Research and (Re)Training
    • Provide Educational Opportunities Aligned with the Evolving Science of Toxicology
    • Strengthen Global Participation and Outreach
  4. Expand Member Engagement
    • Provide Quality Member Services Based on Assessed Needs
    • Promote Mechanisms for Small Group Collaboration and Cooperation
    • Celebrate Member Accomplishments
    • Build Bridges to Connect Diverse Member Groups

    Crosscutting Priorities:

  5. Develop and Implement Metrics to Improve Organizational Success and Accountability
  6. Strengthen Organizational Effectiveness

Society’s Strategic Plan 2012–2015

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