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Congressional Outreach

Visit My Congressional Representative

Congressional Visit Packet (download SOT material, print copies, and leave with your representative)

How Do I Find the Office?

United States House of Representatives
United States Senate

Useful Tools:

Visit the Roll Call website and put in your zip code to locate your Representative and Senators.

Writing an Effective Letter to Congress PDF Icon

Sample Letter for SOT Member: Stimulus Plan DOC Icon

See Bills before Congress

Thomas: Bills Before Congress

A service provided by the Library of Congress which offers up-to-the-minute legislative information. Schedules for House, Senate, and Committee Hearings are also available. This site also provides access to the Federal Register, the official record of Congressional Activity.

Watching Washington

SOT Congressional Briefings

SOT and American Chemical Society

SOT, ACS, and SRA Congressional Series on Nanotoxicology

Need for Nanomaterials Research

Archives of SOT Congressional Briefings

Court Appointed Science Experts

Court appointed Science Experts—A Demonstration Project of the AAAS.

Public Service Announcement

Public Service Announcement—Follow the Directions: A Lesson for Life
This 34-second Public Service Announcement concerns the need to follow label directions on household products. It was produced by the Society of Toxicology with support from the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences.

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