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US EPA and SOT Members Investigate Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals—“Endocrine disrupting” is a commonly used phrase in news about chemicals these days, causing alarm around potential implications on human growth and development. But what chemicals, if any, pose actual risk and how are toxicologists testing them? In the US Environmental Protection Agency’s Greenversations blog, SOT member Richard Judson discusses recent findings by the agency regarding endocrine disrupting chemicals and its use of automated testing procedures known as high-throughput screening assays for faster, more efficient testing. (7/16/14)

Flame Retardants Are Everywhere—Researchers are discovering that flame retardants are in everything. Their health effects are just as varied—ranging from no effect to potentially carcinogenic. In a New York Times article, SOT Member Arnold Schecter and other scientists discuss their efforts to locate the sources of exposure to flame retardants in efforts to better determine their health and environmental consequences. (7/7/14)

Lead Linked to Behavioral and Emotional Problems in Children—“Young children are particularly vulnerable to the toxic effects of lead because lead can affect children's developing nerves and brains,” SOT Member Jianghong Liu tells NIEHS.

New NIEHS-funded research by Dr. Liu and colleagues links lead levels in children’s blood with emotional and behavioral problems. (7/2/14)

New Genetically Modified Crops Coming Soon—New forms of genetically modified crops are likely to be approved soon by the US Food and Drug Administration. Are they safe?

Wired magazine explores the issue, including speaking to SOT Past-President James Bus, who explains some of the toxicology studies which have been conducted to help determine the safety of genetically modified crops—and the resultant increase in herbicide use—for consumption. (6/25/14)

Kids and Pregnant Women Need to Eat More Fish—After years of concern about mercury exposure through eating fish, the US Food and Drug Administration and US Environmental Protection Agency have determined pregnant woman and children are not eating enough fish and have issued new recommendations. The new guidelines offer suggestions for fish low in mercury that should be consumed in a minimum of two to three servings per week. (6/18/14)










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