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Searching for Answers to Ebola Outbreak—Untested drugs and vaccines have been dominating the headlines as the people of Africa, doctors, scientists, aid workers, and others continue to combat the tragic ebola outbreak. Not all science, though, amounts to lab work and experiments. Sierra Leonean Alhaji N'jai, a SOT member and biomedical scientist, reveals how a poor public healthcare system and distrust in Africa have contributed to the current plight. (8/21/14)

Horses Beware: It’s Striped Blister Beetle Season—Veterinary toxicologist and SOT member Tim Evans recently joined his colleagues at the University of Missouri Extension in warning about the danger that striped blister beetles poise to horses. The beetle releases a compound called cantharidin that can remain toxic in alfalfa for up to four or five years after harvesting. While horses would have to consume at least 25 beetles in a 24-hour time frame to be mortally in danger, the scientists are urging horse owners and farmers to be on the lookout for the beetles. (8/13/14)

Long-lasting Effects of PCBs—Banned in the US in 1979, cancer-causing PCBs are persistent organic pollutants, meaning they do not biodegrade and remain in the environment long after their initial release, which is why scientists continue to research additional toxic concerns. Recent research by SOT members has found that children exposed to higher levels of PCBs post-birth performed more poorly on hearing tests than those exposed to lower levels. (8/6/14)

US FDA Warns Against Using Caffeine Powder—Last week, the US Food and Drug Administration recommended people don’t use pure caffeine powders, as single teaspoon of pure caffeine is roughly equivalent to the amount in 25 cups of coffee On WebMD, an SOT member and other experts outline the health effects—sometimes fatal—that could be associated with its use. (7/30/14)

Environmental Pollutants Not Causing Turtle Tumors—Worried that environmental pollutants were causing skin tumors on Hawaiian green sea turtles, SOT Member Brenda A. Jensen of Hawaii Pacific University and research colleagues at the National Institute of Standards and Technology measured pollutant levels in plasma samples from 53 Hawaiian green turtles. They discovered that man-made persistent organic pollutants are not a major cofactor in the turtles’ development of the tumors. (7/24/14)

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Dietary Supplement Adulteration and Impact on Human Health

21st Century Validation Strategies—One Size No Longer Fits All

Breast Cancer As a Multifactorial Disease: Interaction of Genetics, Life Stage, and the Environment

Scientific, Regulatory, and Public Perspectives on the Credibility and Use of Alternative Toxicological Test Methods in a Legislative Framework

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