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Graduate Students

Welcome to the Regional Chapter, Special Interest Group, and Specialty Section Graduate Student Representative and GSLC Section!

We encourage all Graduate Students to join SOT and become actively involved as a graduate student representative in a selected Regional Chapter (RC), Special Interest Group (SIG), or Specialty Section (SS). The graduate student programs with RC, SIG, and SS are linked to SOT via the Graduate Student Leadership Committee (GSLC). The GSLC facilitates the scientific and professional development of graduate students through networking, scientific programs, and other SOT activities. These include the development of blogs, ToXchange threads, and other communications directed toward informing and increasing the student membership, the hosting of a popular Student/Postdoctoral Mixer at the Annual Meeting, the organization of mentoring activities such as Chat with an Expert, and a myriad of other programs at both the national and component group level. The student leadership provides important direction through representation on SOT committees and alignment of their programs with SOT national strategic objectives and representation on SOT committees.

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Student e-Letter

We invite you to read this December 2013 Communiqué blog from Dr. Agnes Karmaus:

SOT: A Graduate Student’s Perspective

2015 Outstanding Graduate Student Leadership Committee Award Recipients

Award Recipient Jessica Sapiro and 2014–2015 GSLC Chair Alessandro Venosa

The GSLC Executive Board is pleased to announce the winners of the 2015 Outstanding Graduate Student Leadership Committee Awards: Jessica Sapiro and Sanket Gadhia.  

Jessica Sapiro is a fifth year graduate student in the Pharmacology and Toxicology doctoral program at the University of Arizona, investigating the molecular mechanisms involved in mediating all-trans-retinoic acid cytoprotection against renal toxicity. As a professional development component while obtaining her graduate degree, Jessica served as the student representative for the Women in Toxicology (WIT) Special Interest Group (SIG) for the past year. She has actively participated in WIT leadership meetings and served on multiple committees including proposal review and SOT Award Nomination Committee; a new committee formed in WIT this year with the goal of increasing WIT member visibility in SOT by assisting in national award nominations. The committee initiated from a WIT student representative task of tracking of statistics of women leaders and involvement in SOT. As a member of this committee, Jessica led the compilation of the application package for the WIT endorsed nominee for the SOT Education Award. This entailed working collaboratively with the committee on generation of ideas to determine candidates and then reaching out to the necessary individuals to obtain information and letters of support for the applicant. Collectively, the WIT Executive Committee has worked to increase member participation at all levels in the SIG and as a result, three student members volunteered on the Award Nomination committee. Jessica has also authored several articles for the biannual WIT newsletter including articles with suggestions on student involvement in WIT and listings of annual meeting events of interest to students. She has been engaged in annual meeting planning by developing an ice breaker for the WIT reception to encourage networking and mentoring between full/associate members and students/post docs.

Award Recipient Sanket Gadhia and 2014–2015 GSLC Chair Alessandro Venosa

Sanket Gadhia served the Continuing Education Committee (CEC) as the Graduate Student Representative from 2013–2015. In addition to the basic duties of the student representative, he has efficiently managed the CE kiosks and volunteers (30–40) during previous SOT Annual Meetings (2014, 2015). He also participated actively in the committee meetings with valuable suggestions. Moreover, he has competently consolidated the lists of volunteers and helped SOT staff liaison with volunteer assignment and explaining on site duties before and during the annual meeting. Furthermore, he has been instrumental in promoting the CE courses amongst SOT members, especially graduate members. Sanket has been involved with GSLC and its subcommittees since 2013. Recently, he served as a panelist for the GSLC sponsored webinar on, “Applying for SOT Awards, Funding, and Fellowships.” In addition, he also serves as the student representative for the Stem Cell Specialty Section. Since 2012, he has created awareness amongst his peers at St. John’s University, NY, which has increased the overall graduate student participation from the institute.


SOT 2015 Annual Meeting Highlights

The fourth (2015) installment of the ever befuddling Tox ShowDown proceeded at its usual breakneck speed to the delight of an attentive audience of 100, most of whom were belly laughing uncontrollably. For those few of you still not in the know, Tox ShowDown is an It’s Academic Style quiz game that pits teams of toxicologists against each other to answer questions of toxicological fact and fancy.
Kudos to the contestants who went out on a limb at the risk of irrevocably tarnishing their professional reputations. Congratulations to the Endocrine Disruptors (Brian Day, Susan Emeigh Hart, Paul Zigas) who narrowly beat out the competition, the Toxic Metabolites (Jacques Descotes, Stacey Harper, John Lipscomb), and the Free Radicals (Shama Bhatia, Bill Brock, Julie Goodman).
Harry Salem as judge, firmly opened the show with his gavel and crab hammer, laid down the law, and didn’t take no guff from nobody.
Phil Wexler noted in jest, “the emcee, actually drank only half the contents of his whiskey flask this time around and, for a change, did not have to be straightjacketed or carried off the premises.”
Toxicology texts were generously donated by Elsevier and Taylor and Francis/CRC Press as prizes for all contestants.
In addition, members of the winning team received $75 Amazon gift cards. An engraved mug and decanter (the latter saying, in Latin,Graviora Manent. Ergo Bibamus, i.e., Grave Danger is Imminent. Therefore let us Drink) were provided for the Judge by The Blasting Company, an engraving company run by Matt Geraci, a clinical toxicologist from Jacksonville, Florida. The members of the audience were awarded with their loyalty until the end with door prizes that included three DVD sets and a Kindle Fire, contributed by Elsevier.
It’s never too early to volunteer for the coming year’s ShowDown. Show us your stuff and sign up as a contestant for SOT’s New Orleans Annual Meeting in 2016 before you’re locked out. Send expressions of interest to GSLC Secretary Joanna Kreitinger, or Phil Wexler.

GSLC Winter 2014 Webinar: Poster Preparation and Presentation

Webinar Recording

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