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Postdoctoral Scholars

The Postdoctoral Assembly (PDA) is a great resource for SOT postdoctoral scholars for scientific growth, networking, and career advancement. All members of SOT who self-identify as a postdoctoral scholar are included in the Postdoctoral Assembly, which is governed by the PDA Executive Board. These leaders are elected by SOT postdoctoral members, and provide leadership for communications, strategic activities, and events of special interest to postdocs.

Who Is a Postdoc?

Characteristics that define a postdoctoral position…

  • The postdoctoral appointment is temporary.
  • Effort is focused primarily on research.
  • The development of professional skills prepares the postdoc to actively pursue a career.
  • The postdoc is supervised by at least one senior scholar.
  • The postdoc is allowed and encouraged to publish the results of his or her research or scholarship.
  • The appointment is not part of a clinical training program

National Postdoctoral Association definition.

About the Postdoctoral Assembly

What’s New

PDA Spring Webinar Recording Available:

Maximizing Your Postdoc to Land the Ideal Permanent Position: What Search Committees are Seeking across Employment Sectors

Forethought and preparation for the career transition is essential for postdocs to sell themselves and obtain an interview. How to sell your experiences and be a successful candidate are specific to each career track, as well as each position. Generalizing the three major sectors (academia, government, industry), we planned this webinar to discuss career transition strategies for postdocs and graduate students including how to be competitive for full-time employment, how to navigate across job sectors, and what to expect during a formal interview.

Hosted by PDA Secretary Karin Streifel, webinar speakers Tao Wang (Novartis), Pamela Lein (UC Davis), and John Lipscomb (US EPA) give guidance towards preparation for transitioning from trainee status to a career position. As well as, share their insight into the hiring process and offer advice for making a competitive application.

The Spring Post-y Newsletter Is Here!

Check out the Spring Post-y for articles on:

  • 2015 SOT Meeting Events
  • Best Postdoctoral Paper Awards
  • Incoming Elected PDA Board
  • Career-Life Balance and Reforming the “Invisible” Postdoc Articles
  • Spring Webinar
  • and much more!

Thank you to all who contributed articles for this newsletter; and to PDA Treasurer April Lake for putting together this informative newsletter!

2015 Best Postdoctoral Publication Awardees

The Best Postdoctoral Publication Award recognizes outstanding work accomplished during formal mentored postdoctoral traineeships by recognizing recently published exceptional papers in the field of toxicology. Applications are reviewed by the Postdoctoral Assembly Board and outside reviewers with appropriate scientific expertise, following NIH conflict of interest, confidentiality, and nondisclosure rules. This year’s awardees were selected from a competitive field of SOT postdoctoral researchers and papers. The 2015 awardees are:

Christina Powers, PhD US EPA. Sparking Connections: toward better linkages between research and human health policy—an example with multiwalled carbon nanotubes. Toxicological Sciences in September 2014.

Yong Ho Kim, PhD US EPA. Cardiopulmonary toxicity of peat wildfire particulate matter and the predictive utility of precision cut lung slices. Particle and Fibre Toxicology in June 2014.

John Clarke, PhD University of Arizona. Synergistic interaction between genetics and disease on pravastatin disposition. Journal of Hepatology in July 2014.


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