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Honor Roll of Contributors

The SOT Endowment Fund Board, on behalf of the entire membership of the Society of Toxicology, gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the many donors who made contributions to the SOT Endowment Fund.

Cumulative contributions of $10,000 or more
Linda S. and David Birnbaum
Balbir S. Brar
Steven D. and Elaine S. Cohen
David L. Eaton
Marion F. Ehrich
The Family of Donald E. Gardner
Jeff Handler
Eileen P. Hayes
Charles H. Hobbs
Jerry B. Hook
Curtis and Cherry Klaassen
Frank and Sally Kotsonis
Kannan Krishnan
Gary L. Lage
Robert E. Larson
John B. Morris
Gilbert S. Omenn
Robert E. and Ursula Osterberg
Ivan Rusyn
Rick G. Schnellmann
Jacqueline H. Smith
Robert J. Staab
Thomas R. Sutter
Robert G. Tardiff
John E. Whalan
James S. Woods

Cumulative contributions of $5,000 or more
Brad Bolon


An initial contribution of $500 or more and a commitment to make cumulative contributions of $5,000 or more within a 10-year period.
Kim Boekelheide and Janet Austin
Matthew S. and Renee Bogdanffy
Dennis J. and Leigh Ann Burns Naas
Jon C. and Judith R. Cook
George B. and Anna Karen Corcoran
Joan M. Cranmer
Julia Yue Cui
Jack H. Dean
Paul W. and Grace Ferguson
Bruce A. Fowler
Angelo and Christine Furgiuele
Michael A. Gallo
Donald E. and Elly Gardner
Peter L. Goering
Bernard D. Goldstein & Russellyn Carruth
Jay I. Goodman
Jack R. Harkema
Renee Hartsook
Bob & Diane Higginbotham
Ronald N. Hines and D. Gail McCarver
Michael and Mona Holsapple
Ijaz S. Jamall
Norbert E. Kaminski
Anumantha G. Kanthasamy
James E. and Lisa Klaunig
Elaine Valerie Knight
Robert H. Ku
Pamela J. Lein
Jose E. Manautou
Gary and Patti Miller
Nancy A. Monteiro-Riviere
Jay Murray
Adrian Nanez
Martin A. Philbert
Kenneth S. Ramos
Donald J. Reed
Charles F. Reinhardt
Jason R. Richardson
Denise Robinson Gravatt
Clarissa L. Russell Wilson
Robert A. Scala
I. Glenn Sipes
William and Cristine Slikker
Cheryl Lyn Walker
Kendall B. and Gail A. Wallace
Helmut Zarbl

$500 or more in 2009-2010
ML Ament
Norman J. and Valerie G. Barlow
Susan J. Borghoff
Jules Brodeur
Lung-Chi Chen
Nancy A. Gillett
William R. Hewitt
Dr. and Mrs. Elton R. Homan
Lena M. King
Ronald P. Mason
Edward V. Ohanian
Brian G. Priestly
Mark J. Reasor
Neill H. Stacey
Robert J. Szot
Yoshiyuki Takei
Melba B. Thurman
Harold E. Williamson
Lauren A. Woods

$250-$499 in 2009-2010
John & Terri Ament
Rob and Susan Ament
Jack and Shelley Arthur
Barry and Dorothy Bays
George M. Cherian
Supratim Choudhuri
James G. Conway
Robert E. Dudley
Betty Eidemiller
Daher Ibrahim Aibo
David R. Johnson
Michael and Sally Mann
Seth Worley and Kathleen McDonough
Ninfa I. Redmond
Hide Tsukamoto
James G. Wagner

$100-$249 in 2009-2010
Joan Abbott
Cynthia A. Afshari
Yves Alarie
Anonymous Donor
Melvin E. Andersen
Ned Ballatori
R. David Bauer
Janet M. Benson
Diann L. Blanset
Vernon L. Carter
Gaston A. Chevalier
Henry D. Connor
Thomas D. Darby
Michael and Bonnie Dazenski
Robert H. DeWit
Robert and Rosemary A. Fallar
Anna and John Field
James C. Garbutt
Olivia and Kris Gardner
Zoltan Gregus
Melanie Harder
Eric B. Harstad
Dylan P. Hartley
M. M. Hess
Robert and Rose Hester
Alan M. Hood
Moritake Iijima
Henry M. Kissman
Ning Li
Troy and Kimberly Lindemann
Hong Lu
Koren K. Mann
Lin Mantell
Anonymous Donor
Jo Ann Miller
Karen and Victor Nakano
Pierre Raymond
Caroline J. Riley
Larry W. Robertson
Imogene Sevin
Jim Spratt
Aron Farrel Stein
Barry H. Thomas
Erik J. Tokar
Harold Veal
Michael P. Waalkes
Yu-Jui Yvonne Wan
Hedley and Barbara Weeks
Daniel Wierda

$40-$99 in 2009-2010
Jane and Fred Berghaus
Alan P. Brown
Anonymous Donor
Mary Campbell
Xingguo Cheng
Guoli Dai
Wen-Xing Ding
John Douglas Doherty
Barbara F. Hales
Alice and Rita Kulig
Steven C. Lewis
Qiang Ma
Lawrence F. Mancini
Ana Navas-Acien
Ann and Marty Paul
Claus Peter Siegers
Dale & Lynn Sparrow
Joan B. Tarloff
Monica A. Valentovic
Youcai Zhang


$10,000 or more



Intertek Cantox

Amgen Foundation on behalf of Katherine H. Sprugel
Amgen Foundation on behalf of Cynthia A. Afshari
Genentech on behalf of Dylan Hartley
Genentech on behalf of Eric Harstad
Pfizer Foundation on behalf of Leigh Ann Burn-Naas
Pfizer Foundation on behalf of Frank Kotsonis
Pfizer Foundation on behalf of Gregory Finch
Pfizer Foundation on behalf of Denise Robinson-Gravatt
Pfizer Foundation on behalf of Robert Chapin

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